Indoor Radio Propagation Survey At A Major UK Airport

19 November 2017

Providing valuable information for planning an IoT sensor network installation - e.g. how many hubs/gateways would be required to cover a set of areas, and where they should be located, the ASH team recently designed and performed a propagation survey of a major UK airport. 

Key innovations:

  • Indoor positioning referred to building floorplan drawings - rather than GPS or Bluetooth beacons 
  • Interactive visualisations, as snail-trail or area heatmaps, were overlaid onto floor-plans via Google Maps in a web browser.
  • Using a solution developed entirely in-house, using ASH's proven skills in radio design, data analysis and software, meant it was easily customised to meet a particular customer's requirements.
  • Based on low-cost COTS hardware meant this service could be offered at a lower price than competitors who deploy expensive dedicated survey systems (e.g. PCTel SeeHawk).

This service could, for example, also be used to map Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons, WiFi coverage & mobile-phone network coverage within buildings.

Categories: ASH news
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