ASH Internship Project: Active Response GUI & Sniffer Tool

My first software based internship has been a great learning curve and has exposed me to a variety of different technical and soft skills. Over the summer I have worked on developing a GUI and a Sniffer application.

29 Sep 2020

ASH Internship Project: Programmable Waveform Generator

During our time at ASH we have worked together as interns on designing a Programmable Waveform Generator. This internship has given us the opportunity to develop our electronics and programming skills to the point of developing an embedded system, a custom PCB with s, microcontroller firmware and a PC utility to program the device. We would like to thank ASH for this internship, we have learnt a huge amount and really enjoyed our time with the company.

29 Sep 2020

LV Link box monitoring milestone achieved

Exciting times at ASH as the first plastic samples have arrived back for KeLVN LinkMon, our new LV Link box monitoring product being developed for UKPN's Active Response innovation project.

15 Jul 2020

ASH acquired by Captec

Captec is pleased to announce the 100% share acquisition of ASH Wireless Electronics Ltd into the Group. Founded in 2001, ASH are established and experienced experts in electronics design and embedded software for wireless communications and IoT applications. This is a strategic acquisition for Captec to expand capabilities and offerings for smart edge sensing IoT applications and combine with AI-enabled Edge Computing. With the forecasted growth of demand for edge generated and AI processed data the combined capabilities of Captec’s computing and ASH’s electronics and software, offers a specialised technology partner for companies seeking to mine edge data, particularly in hostile environments or critical legacy infrastructure. Big Data is the gold rush for the digital era, but only if it can be mined and synthesised into useful information for decision making support. Captec’s planned IPO will support further acquisitions and internationalisation of the new offerings via our Canadian operations, and soon to come US acquisitions as well.

2 Jul 2020

Supporting the NHS

Hats off to Josef Mouris for organising a group of local people in the Southampton area with 3D printers to produce face visors for the staff working at the Southampton General Hospital. This involved creating a new visor design to meet the local hospital trust requirements, disseminating this to members of the group with 3D printers, as well as organising supplies and funding. Josef is a recently made redundant Flybe pilot and his wife is a nurse at the Southampton General Hospital. The face visors supplied are helping to fill the gap until government supplies of PPE arrive.

21 Apr 2020

ASH team expanding

ASH Wireless have grown our team to cope with the expanded workload of new projects

18 Feb 2020

Global Warming - the challenges of speeding adoption of Low Carbon Technologies.

Significant low carbon technologies that will make a difference to overall CO2 emissions are Electric Vehicles and Domestic Heatpumps. Speeding the adoption of these technologies requires overcoming a number of challenges in increasing the supply of clean electricity, and the UK is making significant progress on some of these issues.

16 Jan 2020

ASH Internship Project: Evaluate Amazon Web Services as a platform for Machine Learning

Project: Evaluate Amazon Web Services as a platform for Machine Learning

20 Dec 2019

ASH Internship Project: Evaluation of Open Thread

Project: Evaluation of Open Thread 

20 Dec 2019

ASH creates new improved radio tracker implant for orangutans

A number of animal welfare organisations, including International Animal Rescue, are working hard to rescue orphaned and injured orangutans.
30 Nov 2018

ASH summer internship project: GPS Time Stamping

Business Purpose: Reduce Risk in bidding projects requiring very accurate timing of pulses across remote distributed locations.

2 Oct 2018

4 to 20 mA current loop '420FL' added to KeLVN portfolio

Interfacing 3rd party industry standard measuring equipment to ASH's KeLVN telemetry portfolio is now possible with the 420FL when attached to the SP1 edition of KeLVN Hex telemetry unit.  

1 May 2018

Has ASH backed another winner? - Eurobot 2018

ASH wireless wishes Maria Stagno Navarra, James Wilshaw, Rachel Gray and Cameron Ward, Mechanical Engineering students at the University of Southampton and the robots they have created, named Ashley, Maxine and Barry, every success as team ‘Atlantis Robotics Co.’ at the 'Robot Cities' Eurobot 2018 competition being held on 18th April 2018 at Middlesex University.  

18 Apr 2018

ASH creates light powered ATEX Zone Zero Sensor System

Using its low energy electronics expertise, the ASH Wireless Electronics team created a light powered sensor system for fit-and-forget environments in which an explosive gas/air mixture is continuously present for long periods.

19 Feb 2018

Indoor Radio Propagation Survey At A Major UK Airport

Providing valuable information for planning an IoT sensor network installation - e.g. how many hubs/gateways would be required to cover a set of areas, and where they should be located, the ASH team recently designed and performed a propagation survey of a major UK airport. 

19 Nov 2017

Mentor Masterclass – What are the common features behind entrepreneurs’ successes and scars?

[The following article is re-produced by permission from the Future Worlds Blog]

4 May 2017

FutureWorlds: Mentoring a New Generation of Entrepreneurs

ASH has had a long history of working with startups and entrepreneurs to help design and create innovative electronics products. Nurturing and coaching ideas into existence is at the core of our services and the team have helped in over 50 designs thus far.

12 Apr 2017

The challenge of legacy assets

The ASH team enjoyed speaking today at the Impactech event 'The Impact of Internet of Things on our Lives'. The event sought to look at the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on our lives by highlighting four important areas: developments and IoT technologies, applications, connected society and data/security.

24 Mar 2017

Design drivers for monitoring critical infrastructure

The ASH team had the privilege of being invited to speak today at the 'Radio Systems for Mission-Critical IoT Communications' Radio Technology SIG Event, hosted by CW, in London. 

23 Jan 2017

MENSUS Industry Showcase

The ASH team had the privilege of exhibiting today at the 'MENSUS Industry Showcase' event, at the University of Southampton. 

11 Oct 2016
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